two have to names

I sort of have two names.

Many people know me as “Dani Lamorte,” a stage name I took up around 2009. People who knew me before 2009, or who have known me in a legal/official context, are likely to know me as “Dani(el) Stuchel.”

I prefer to be called “Dani Lamorte” when discussing my artwork or writing, since that’s the name attached to much of my work to date.

I prefer to be called “Dani Stuchel” when discussing my research, since that’s the name on my degree and academic bobbles.

I prefer to be called “Dani” unless you knew me when I only went by “Daniel,” in which case you’re free to use either name.


If I’m wearing a black bob wig and green eyeshadow, you should probably call me “Maria Denolt.”