Portfolio – YET TO .COM(E) Residency Application

Performance & Video

ahrnges (2017)
ahrnges is a short monologue performance, commissioned for “Monster Love” – a performance showcase for the Queer Publics Symposium at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Taking the form of a conspiratorial lecture, ahrnges brings together concerns about monstrosity, embodiment, and evidence and gives each a voice which is distinct but inextricable from the others.

Best Wishes for Worst Times (2019)
Part of my ongoing series of performances as Maria Denolt, Best Wishes for Worst Times is a video tour of a small exhibit I curated for the University of Arizona Museum of Art in Tucson. In Best Wishes for Worst Times, Maria introduces the viewer to six artworks which demonstrate principles central to art history — and time travel. Mixing art history with art fantasy, the self-titled “art critic, lecturer, and lofty person” shares insights into the prehistory of art, the nature of time, and health hazards of abstract art. A campy take on the traditional docent-led tour, Best Wishes for Worst Times encourages viewers to seek personal, creative connections to the art museum. (Cameras: Harrison Apple & Robbie Lopez)

Best Wishes for Worst Times from Pittsburgh Queer History Project on Vimeo.

Teeth (2020)
Part of my series of one-minute podcasts and videos as Maria Denolt, Teeth addresses the common and frightening dream of one’s teeth falling out.


Plants: A Proposal
This short speculative, digital text project responds to a call for artists from the app company Duolingo. Duolingo sought an artist to create a new mural on the facade of their Pittsburgh offices. Placing Duolingo’s request within the context of Pittsburgh’s history of industrial decline, I ask the question: What if we plan for what comes after Duolingo’s building instead? I propose plants.

Uprooting a Renter’s Garden
Written in the midst of my academic job search, Uprooting a Renter’s Garden considers how human and plant promises are formed and broken.


andor (2020). cyanotype on watercolor paper. four panels, 10×13″ each.
Spathe A (2020). cyanotype on watercolor paper. 9.75×12.75″.
Spathe B (2020). cyanotype on watercolor paper. 9.75×12.75″.