Letter to the editor of “American Archivist”

Late last year, I read Frank J. Boles’ now-published “To Everything There Is a Season.” What an aphorism to deploy in the midst of global climate change.

Stunned by the article’s contents, I penned a letter to the editor of American Archivist, Cal Lee. The letter was selected for publication in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of the journal.

My letter aims to glean something useful from an article which, at least on its surface, contributes little to the scholarship of our field. I recognize it’s not the line-by-line critique or burning condemnation some might desire, but I hope readers will be open to parallel conversations: one continuing to critique Boles’ article and the politics it espouses, and one asking what anxieties we have in common with Boles which might go unexplored.

You can read the full letter on the American Archivist website.

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