Web Essays & Short Works

Plants: A Proposal (May 2019)
The Oaks of Alan Sonfist’s “Gene Bank” (March 2019)
something for yourself (January 2017)
If Your Body Could Talk, LINDA
(October 2016, part of If Your Body Could Talk at La Pilita Cultural Center)
I Cannot Leave Well (A Non-Binary Visit to the Doctor)
(April 2016)
Skirts, Dresses, Heels, Makeup, and Ancient Devil Women
(February 2016)
Hag Bag and the Other Side of the Tunnel (December 2015)

Published Works

Stuchel, Dani. 2019. Desiring Tumblr, Porn, and the Archives. Archivists on the News. Issues & Advocacy Section, Society of American Archivists.
* Stuchel, Dani. 2019. Material Provocations in the Archives. Journal of Critical Library & Information Studies 2, no. 3 (2019).
Stuchel, Dani. 2018. Thorns, towels, and a farewell. Archivist Apprenticeship Blog. 18 April 2018.
Stuchel, Dani. 2018. 93F on a Red-Letter Day. Archivist Apprenticeship Blog. 21 March 2018.
Stuchel, Dani. 2018. You Might Be an Archivist If… Archivist Apprenticeship Blog. 28 February 2018.
Stuchel, Dani. 2018. Preserving CD-Rs, and Other Topics from 2004. Archivist Apprenticeship Blog. 07 February 2018.
Stuchel, Dani. 2017. A Ramble before a Rest: Making Good Archival Introductions. Archivist Apprenticeship Blog. 29 November 2017.
Stuchel, Dani. 2017. 3 Tips to Prepare You for Archival Research. Archivist Apprenticeship Blog. 07 November 2017.
Stuchel, Dani. 2017. Minimal Processing, Maximal Learning. Archivist Apprenticeship Blog. 18 October 2017.
Stuchel, Dani. 2017. Inside the Frame. Archivist Apprenticeship Blog. 27 September 2017.
Stuchel, Dani. 2017. Water Under the Rainbow. Archivist Apprenticeship Blog. 06 September 2017.
Stuchel, Dani. 2017. Tribulus Troubles: Wildflowers in the Edward Palmer Papers at the National Anthropological Archives. Smithsonian Collections Blog. 23 August 2017.
Lamorte, Dani. 2017. What If The Trip Follows You Home. Steer Queer. Volume 2, Issue 4. (Summer 2017).
Lamorte, Dani. 2017. it’s it. Sundog Lit. Issue 12. 
Lamorte, Dani. 2016. But She’s Still Got Those Teeth. Cactus Heart. e-Issue 16 (Summer).

* Stuchel, Dani. 2016. The Organization of an Emerging Literary Prize, the Montréal International Poetry Prize. The Pitt Sociology Review, 7(1), 43-59.
Lamorte, Dani. 2014. I’m (Not) Every Woman (excerpt). In Elisha Lim. 100 Crushes. Toronto: Koyama Press.

* Peer reviewed

Unpublished Works

Stuchel, Dani. 2013. The Child Mirror: A Close Reading of Charles & Henry’s Conversations in “The History of the Fairchild Family”. Unpublished essay. – Recipient of the 2013 Carol Kay Essay Award.


Bloomquist, Jennifer and Shelome Gooden. 2015. African American Language in Pittsburgh and the Lower Susqueshanna Valley. In Sonja Lanehart (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of African American Language. London: Oxford University Press.