Pittsburgh Queer History Project: The PQHP is an oral history project and archive which documents the emergence of a 20th century ‘gay community’ in Pittsburgh via social clubs, class-based labor, and local corruption.

Drive By Drag: DBD is a multi-year performance project co-founded by Veronica Bleaus (John Musser) and myself. It’s crude. It’s crass. It’s campy as Joan Crawford operating a muppet version of Liberace backwards into a space-time butter churn covered in ceramic deer.

Native Seeds/SEARCH: Native Seeds works to preserve regional crop diversity, indigenous foodways and farming cultures, and Southwest gardening know-how in Southern Arizona through seed preservation, seed banks, and free/low-cost classes. They also have a retail location and online store. Serious amaranth enabler.

research tools and resources

Google Ngram – An addictive corpus-based tool which can provide word-frequency data from texts 1800-present.

ELAN – A powerful, but user-friendly, program for audio and video transcription. Excellent for transcribing interviews and ‘natural’ speech.

Rbrul – Rbrul is a package for R (or RStudio) which allows sociolinguists to do statistical analysis with a minimum of pain. Recommended for anyone who doesn’t like to weep under a desk.

Praat – A classic piece of linguistics software. Praat is useful for taking acoustic measurements. (I recommend transcribing/coding/annotating in ELAN and then importing the transcription as a TextGrid.) Warning: Praat does not have auto-save because it’s 1962 or something.

SLAAP Tools – From North Carolina State University, a beautiful bouquet of Praat scripts for TextGrid extraction and vowel capture.

advisors, colleagues, peers, and more – oh my

Harrison Apple – Co-founder of the PQHP, artist and archivist, Amanda Lear enthusiast.

John Musser/Veronica Bleaus – PhD student at University of Champaign-Urbana, expert on all things diva and drag. Mostly youth-making hand cream and rotisserie pork.

Scott Andrew – Video artist, visiting professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Cat t-shirt.

Ethan Jerrett – Software engineer, all-around tech master. Likely a sentient cyborg networked with Wikipedia.

Suzie Silver – Video artist, professor of art at Carnegie Mellon University. Possibly Dolly Parton incognito.

Kama Lamackerel – Performer, organizer, post-academic dream. What you looking at, Montreal?

Elisha Lim – Acclaimed illustrator, trophy snatcher.

Shelome Gooden – Sociophonetician, Creoleist, and my undergrad research mentor. Generally flawless.

Scott Kiesling – Language and gender expert, Pittsburgh dialect sage, “dude.”


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