can’t a person sleep in peace

can’t a person sleep in peace (2015) MiniDV to Quicktime, 00:04:25 A supremely queer being (Veronica Bleaus) awakes from her routine slumber trance to gorge on discount cereal and discount television. As consciousness gives way to slumber once again, Veronica wanders into a spectacularly extraterrestrial … dream? can’t a person sleep in peace circuitously meanders […]

Potato Head

Potato Head (2015) Performance and digital video, 00:07:45 Originally conceived as a live performance for the TransPitt Pride Showcase in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Potato Head co-mingles dreams of alternate embodiments with Annie Lennox inaccuracies and the 80’s treasure known as “Designing Women.” Production assistance from Harrison Apple.

Artificial Sexuality

Artificial Sexuality (2009)Black & white / color video, sound, 00:06:05640 x 480, 30fps Drawing on the form of Vito Acconci’s 1973 Undertone, Artificial Sexuality goads the viewer and seeks to dredge up unconscious desires to see queer bodies – and faggot bodies especially – as objects of desire, or sites for exorcising tensions about femininity. […]